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The summer is over

Category: miscellanea. Posted: 31.08.2010 14:10

This summer has ended. I hope we will remember it not only for smog and terrible fires in Central part of Russia. There was a lot of pleasant events and enjoyable journeys in the past few months. As for me, this period was quite productive, I managed to visit three different corners of Russia, and take gigabytes of photographs. In this post I am going to share images that became symbols of this summer for me.

My summer began in May after arriving in the Krasnodar region, I wrote about this journey here. Water in rivers was warm enough to swim, and apple and cherry around were in bloom.

In July I had a long journey to the Uksunjoki river in Karelia. Weather there was rather sunny, as evidenced by the photos below.

Besides I tried to leave Moscow as often as possible. Camera often accompanied me on trips.

Well, the autumn is coming and, therefore, don't put your camera away!