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The Pshekha river. Photoreport.

Category: journeys. Posted: 10.05.2010 17:10

I managed to visit the Pshekha river in Krasnodar Kray in early May. The target was to raft down the river on a catamaran. The journey was rather interesting and there were some graet landscapes to take photo. Here you can see the photoreport and some panoramas from this journey.

The Pshekha river flows in Krasnodar Kray of Russia. It is famous among rafters and backpackers. It is rather warm in early May here, so you can find a lot of green grass and flowers around.

The source of the river can be reached in two ways: either the narrow-gauge railway, or on a dirt road used by timber trucks. Beautiful landscapes are guaranteed in both cases.

Our path lied from the village Otdalenniy to Apsheronsk. We overcame several rapids and enjoyed picturesque mountains around the river.

Once we climbed the hill near the village Noviy Rezhet, there was a magnificent view over the river and nearby mountains.

As a result I liked the trip very much. For myself, I concluded that, Krasnodar region has many places worth visiting in the future.