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Bronica SQ-Ai

Category: miscellanea. Posted: 24.04.2011 18:11

Recently I had opportunity to learn a lot about Japanese medium format roll-film camera Zenza Bronica SQ-Ai.

A friend of mine bought this camera few days ago, and I asked him to try famous Bronica in practice.

This kit is actually consists of SQ-Ai body, 120 back, the standard lens Zenzanon S 80/2.8, a viewfinder and handle. In addition to the camera you can buy a bunch of gadgets such as backs, magazines, focusing screens, motor drives, tripod sites, and of course lenses.

The SQ-Ai model has long been discontinued, but is still popular with fans of medium format photography. The reason is high quality and relatively low cost of the camera system.

If I have time, I'll definitely try to take pictures with this camera. I'd like to watch the photos made with 6x6 cm film.