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Masters of samba and capoeira

Category: photoshoots. Posted: 17.08.2010 12:10

Small photo shoot photographed at a run-through of dance group «Brasil Brasileiro» known for its samba, salsa, capoeira and maculelê performances.

Some time ago I saw a performance of this group and was amazed by the skills of its participants. Latin American dances instantly created a festive atmosphere of carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Recently I was able to attend a run-through of a new programm and make the closer acquaintance of «Brasil Brasileiro».

The first thing that strikes your eye is bright and opulent costumes. In combination with excellent choreography, they guarantee one hundred percent success of a show.

In addition to the classic Latin American samba, salsa, zouk and rumba the band performs Capoeira and maculel?.

Capoeira combines elements of dance, acrobatics and martial arts. It is accompanied by Brazilian folk music. Capoeirists often use fighting movements, kicks, and acrobatic tricks.

Maculel? is a dance with short sticks or machetes performed in long skirts and makeup.